[linux-lvm] LVM2 full disk & Grub

Ling Li ling at caltech.edu
Thu Feb 12 18:27:01 UTC 2004

When I was going to install a full-disk LVM2 PV on my hard disk (not for 
the root partition) with grub installed, I had very bad experience. I 
searched the internet for possible warnings. All I got were 1. LVM1 was 
known to be "unfriendly" to boot loader when the full disk is created as 
one PV. and 2. LVM2 solves this problem by allowing the label sector to 
be any of the first 4 sectors in the disk.

However, grub needs more than 3 sectors (in my system, 16 sectors), 
which still conflicts with LVM2 when the full disk is used. So if you 
happen to want to use LVM2 and grub in the same disk, you have to create 
some partitions... NOT the full disk.

I don't know why I couldn't find this kind of information on the 
internet or grub manual or LVM howto. In case there are also other users 
as "careless" as me, my this post might be useful.

By the way, is there an LVM2 howto available somewhere?


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