[linux-lvm] SuSE 9.0 and LVM2

Rainer Krienke krienke at uni-koblenz.de
Fri Feb 13 09:10:09 UTC 2004

On Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2004 23:23, Avtar Gill wrote:
> This is a general question to anyone out there currently using
> LVM2 with SuSE Professional 9.0 on production servers (or
> workstations). Would you be kind enough to share your experiences
> with the rest of us? Did you experience any minor or major issues
> along the way? SuSE 9.0 ships with LVM 1.* by default but I thought
> it might be a good idea to implement new servers with LVM 2.*
> instead so upgrading to future versions of SuSE (with kernel 2.6)
> will be less of a hassle. Any thoughts or comments?

We are running LVM2 on a suse8.2 system using the suse9.0 kernel (2.4.21-166).  
The lvm2 utilities (version are in this case not taken from suse 
RPMs. I compiled them myself. The system (actualy 3 hosts with a total of ~3 
Hardware  RAIDs, configured with raid level 5) is a NFS and SMB fileserver 
with a total of 3 TBytes storage. Actually the RAIDs offer a total of  ~6 TB 
but we do mirroring so we can only use have of the real size. 

LVM sits on top of a md device hierachy: The hardware RAIDs are connected by 
fibrechannel using 2 seperate paths from each raid array to each host across 
2 fc switches. So each host has first two multipath md devices and on top of 
this it has a raid1 md device (mirror) that performs mirroring across the 
raids so that even if one complete RAID should fail nothing serious will 
happen. This redundency already proved quite useful since we can take one 
hardware RAID out of order eg for a firmware upgrade we had to do lately 
without stopping the servers in doing their job. 

The md mirror each hosts sees is used as physical volume for LVM. Here LVM2 
proved very useful since it allowed me to configure the (md) devices LVM 
should scan for volumes when starting. I first tried using LVM1 in this 
system, but this failed since LVM1 was confused since during scanning the 
disks it saw the volumegroup and the volumes several times (probably due to 
the multipath and mirroring md devices pointing to the same data) and this 
lead to a complete loss of the logical volumes with all the data inside.

The filesystem in use on the local volumes is xfs. 

The system is running about 6 months now, and we did not have any trouble with 

Have a nice day
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