[linux-lvm] Re: 2.6.3-rc2-mm1 (dm)

Andrew Morton akpm at osdl.org
Fri Feb 13 09:11:13 UTC 2004

Nathan Scott <nathans at sgi.com> wrote:
> > This forces the underlying device(s) to a soft blocksize of 512. And
> > I had my 80 MB/sec write speed back !
> > 
> > I'm not sure if setting the blocksize of the underlying device
> > always to 512 is the right solution. I think that set_blocksize
> Hmm... that set_blocksize there must be new in -mm, I don't see
> that in mainline yet.  I would guess that bdev_hardsect_size()
> would be more appropriate here than hard-coding 512 bytes.  I
> don't know the details of the problem being solving by adding
> set_blocksize() in there though, so I might be completely wrong.

Yes, 2.6.3-rc2-mm1 has a new device-mapper update.

Miquel, thanks for picking this up.  I shall wait for the LVM team to
suggest the preferred fix.

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