[linux-lvm] LVM Problems :)

Christian Reiss email at demonlord.de
Fri Feb 13 09:13:39 UTC 2004


I am trying to dissolve a running LVM, so i am doing
the e2fsadm, lvreduce, pvmove thingy. But ever since I
removed the first hdd, I am unable to resize the lvm
any more. The error can be seen below, with e2fsadm.
I also included the vg&lvdisplay commands.

I am running the LVM1 sources (non-cvs, approx mid last
year), as i am unable to run LVM2 (need to downgrade kernel
to 2.4.22 (no patch included in lvm2 for 2.4.23)).
Also, I am (too dumb/unable) to locate a e2fsadm alike
tool for lvm2, as e2fsadm needs the lvm-tab thingy,
which lvm2 no longer provides.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)


::: vgdisplay ::::

--- Volume group ---
VG Name               share
VG Access             read/write
VG Status             available/NOT resizable
VG #                  0
MAX LV                256
Cur LV                1
Open LV               1
MAX LV Size           2 TB
Max PV                256
Cur PV                11
Act PV                11
VG Size               1.12 TB
PE Size               32 MB
Total PE              36668
Alloc PE / Size       34108 / 1.04 TB
Free  PE / Size       2560 / 80 GB
VG UUID               PSYbaQ-bl8d-xvHp-6re2-hoKd-9mE5-Wa5Tqz

:: lvdisplay ::

--- Logical volume ---
LV Name                /dev/share/data
VG Name                share
LV Write Access        read/write
LV Status              available
LV #                   1
# open                 1
LV Size                1.04 TB
Current LE             34108
Allocated LE           34108
Allocation             next free
Read ahead sectors     1024
Block device           58:0

:: e2fsadm ::

e2fsadm -L-10G /dev/share/data
e2fsadm -- logical volume size for "/dev/share/data" invalid

:: df -h ::

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/share/data       941G  910G   32G  97% /share/filebase

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