[linux-lvm] One more problem..

Christian Reiss email at demonlord.de
Fri Feb 13 14:35:01 UTC 2004


one more problem:
When i run vgreduce (after setting +a +x), i get this:

# vgreduce share -a -v

vgreduce -- locking logical volume manager
vgreduce -- checking volume group name "share"
vgreduce -- checking volume group "share" existence
vgreduce -- checking volume group "share" activity
vgreduce -- reading data of volume group "share" from disk(s)
vgreduce -- reducing volume group "share" by physical volume "/dev/hdd"
vgreduce -- reducing VGDA structures of volume group "share"
vgreduce -- volume group "share" will be reduced by 1 physical volume

vgreduce -- reducing physical volumes in VGDA in kernel
vgreduce -- ERROR "parameter error" reducing volume group "share" by 
physical volume "/dev/hdd" in kernel

Is it me, or... ? ;)

Christian Reiss <email at demonlord.de>

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