[linux-lvm] Lost free PV -> error reading VG

Christian Reiss email at demonlord.de
Thu Feb 19 12:51:32 UTC 2004

Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:

> /me wonders how often we mentioned to take backups of /etc/lvmconf/* yet :->

 From a Users point of view:
If you run vgscan, and it even mentions something about

a) REBuilding /etc/lvmwhatever
b) it fails for *any* reason,

people, me included, delete /etc/lvm* to start "clean",
and give vgscan the opportunity to start fresh, without
any "corrupted" data.

I dont know how often I nuked the backups, even after i
knew that deleting /etc/lvm* is not a good idea. Its like
a reflex.


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