[linux-lvm] LVM + reiserfsck

Rajesh Saxena rs_404 at yahoo.ca
Mon Feb 23 21:07:25 UTC 2004

Hello list I am wondering if someone could help me with a quick 
question. I am using SUSE 9 + LVM1 + Linux Software RAID and last but
not least Reiser filesystem. Recently I had problem with recovery from
LVM volumes where /usr/lib is deleted =(

Here is my set up with two 80G drives:

1st 2G parititon on drive 1
                            = /dev/md0 formatted as Reiser for /      
1st 2G partition on drive 2

2nd 2G parititon on drive 1
                            = /dev/md1 formatted as Reiser for swap    
2nd 2G partition on drive 2

Last big parititon on drive 1
                              = /dev/md2 for LVM
Last big partition on drive 2

All RAID arrays as RAID1 mirrors and LVM volumes as Reiser. After 
several test reboots the OS did not boot and complained to run 
reiserfsck. I did reiserfsck --check for all partitions and only
ones which complained was /dev/system/usr. It asks for --rebuild-tree
so I did and then rebooted. Now all of /usr/lib was deleted and 
sshd would not start. My question: what did I do wrong? I ask this
question here because lots of people seem to use Reiser and LVM
together. Please offer some advice. Thank you!!


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