[linux-lvm] Linux 2.6 + LVM2: ext3fs labels not supported?

Wolfram Schlich lists at wolfram.schlich.org
Thu Feb 26 14:39:02 UTC 2004


after switching from Linux 2.4 + LVM1 to Linux 2.6 + LVM2, I noticed
the ext3fs labels of the LVs were just "gone". Too bad, as I was using
LABEL=label instead of the device path in the fstab (I'm not anymore
since then ;)). So, my question is, is this a known issue? I have
neither tried to convert my VG/LVs to LVM2 metadata format nor to
create a "fresh" VG/LV with LVM2.
Thanks in advance.
Wolfram Schlich; Friedhofstr. 8, D-88069 Tettnang; +49-(0)178-SCHLICH

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