[linux-lvm] resize of ext3 filesytem

Kjartan Reynir Hauksson krh at os.is
Thu Jan 1 18:12:02 UTC 2004

>Hi Gurus,

Well I'm not a guru but I've used resize2fs without suffering any


>I am pretty new to the Linux world. I am trying
>to extend an "ext3" filesystem with 2.4G. So far I have extend the VG
>and then LV, but know the question is how can I extend the filesystem,
>without destorying the data or doing mke2fs again on it.
>I know there is a command "resize2fs", but not
>sure if it'll destroy the data or not. I really dont want to shrink the
 >LV first and then use "e2fsadm" (had I known this command before, i
>would have used it).

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