[linux-lvm] Moving to a new system.

neuron neuron at hollowtube.mine.nu
Thu Jan 8 14:37:01 UTC 2004

I'm moving my data from the old server, kernel 2.4 and lvm1.  To a new server, kernel 2.6 and lvm2.
I thought I'd start by removing hdd1. It's 80gb and I have about 111gb free.

pvmove --test /dev/hdd1
pvmove -- couldn't find source physical volume "/dev/hdd1" in volume group "vg_main"

I have /dev/vg_main/storagelv as the drive I wanna take the space from.

pvdisplay /dev/hdd1 works, total pe's 3575
would the best way of doing this be:
lvreduce -l-3575 /dev/vg_main/storagelv
resize_reiserfs /dev/vg_main/storagelv (I think reiserfs can do online resizing?)
then umount /mnt/storage
pvmove /dev/hdd1
vgreduce /dev/hdd1

I wanna make damn sure I get this right before I do it.

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