[linux-lvm] restoring filesystem state using snapshot

Little, Chris Chris.Little at okdhs.org
Thu Jan 8 17:25:02 UTC 2004

Will that work since snapshot relies on the source?

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> Kanika Nema wrote:
> >i want to restore the filesystem state using only the 
> snapshot taken by LVM 
> >ie without taking a full backup.
> >is this possible to do? i read all the lvm commands, but 
> there is no command 
> >to actually restore the entire filesystem back to the state 
> it was in, when 
> >the snapshot was taken.
> >though the old files' state can be viewed using the snapshot 
> volume, i want 
> >to take the filesystem back to the prev state.
> >Please tell me if this can be done. its urgent.
> Will copying the contents of the snapshot over the original logical
> volume do what you want?  If so, this can be done as follows:
> # mount /dev/vg/snapshot /snap
> # mount /dev/vg/original /orig
> # (cd /snap; tar cf - .) | (cd /orig; tar xvf -)
> Of course the v option on the second tar invocation can be omitted to
> avoid seeing all the filenames of the files being copied.
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