[linux-lvm] vgconvert -M1: seg fault

Steven Ihde sihde at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Jan 9 09:55:02 UTC 2004

While trying to convert a version 2 volume group to version 1 (I
created it with kernel 2.6 but now need to run it under 2.4)
"vgconvert -M1 vg0" segfaults.  Even "vgconvert -d -v -M1 vg0" doesn't
give much info, it crashes right after "backing up metadata".  Running
in test mode (-t) it also segfaults.

This volume group has four logical volumes and one physical volume (a
software raid5 array), about 150GB in size, 76GB allocated.

I was able to sucessfully downgrade a test volume group containing
only a single PV and a single LV, 40GB size.

Any ideas what could be wrong?  

I'm running Debian unstable with a 2.6.0 kernel.



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