[linux-lvm] Re: mac-fdisk and 0x8e partitions for LVM

Michael Schmitz schmitz at zirkon.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu Jan 15 17:05:09 UTC 2004

> > To reiterate: I don't see any solution without making LVM accept Apple
> > partition maps in the first place. Which part of LVM checks the partition
> > type? Can you show me some sample code?
> 	Unfortunately I'm no hacker, I am just trying to use LVM on the
> PowerMac (OldWorld, beige G3).  So I can't show you source code.  This
> evening when I get back home I can take note of the error messages and
> send them, but to sum it up I tried everything under the Sun, and none
> could mark a partition as LVM type, not even parted which does uses
> names instead of hexadecimals.

parted should indeed use names on Apple partitioned disks; LVM (from what
I gather) doesn't cope with names here.

Sending the error messages (with comments on which tool produces them)
would help.

> 	I tried even to mark a partition as undefined with mac-fdisk, but then
> vgcreate fails, even if pvcreate works.

You didn't answer my implied question: do you need to keep the Apple
partition format, (f.e. because you need to keep MacOS on the machine)?

And, out of interest: how do you boot the oldworld G3? quik, or floppy
boot?? Can quik do dual booting on such a box?


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