[linux-lvm] Re: mac-fdisk and 0x8e partitions for LVM

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra ldutra at prefeitura.sp.gov.br
Fri Jan 16 07:08:01 UTC 2004

Em Qui, 2004-01-15 às 19:37, Mich Lanners escreveu:
> On  15 Jan, this message from Simon Vallet echoed through cyberspace:
> There is no problem at all keeping the Apple partition format for LVM.
>    (  2.0G)  Linux native
> /dev/hda5         Apple_UNIX_SVR2 LVM-vg             14630752 @ 4603968  (  7.0G)  Linux native
> invisible to MacOS. Therefore, I don't need the Apple driver partitions.
> Nevertheless, I chose to use an Apple partition map (and not PC-style
> partitions) because Apple's partitioning scheme is less braindamaged (no
> logical partition within some primary partition etc..) and because it
> allows block-size granularity by default when assigning partition sizes
> (and not some legacy C/H/S size spec).
> So, for LVM, try again, and make sure you follow some HOWTO

	Thanks for the info!  It worked!

	Indeed I didn't need any kind of mark or name for LVM.  What misguided
me was precisely the LVM HOWTO, which instructed to mark the partition
as 0x8e.  On your tips I just left it as free space, and LVM was quite
happy; when I had tried marking it as 0x8E or 0xDA or 0x83 or whatever,
it complained bitterly at vgcreate and pvdisplay.

	So perhaps LVM and its documentation is too PC-centric... oi vei...

> The modified first.b is at:
> http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/ftp/quik-first.b-g3

	Let me make this system work in my home LAN and I will try to get time
to make it boot freely!

	Thanks a lot!

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