[linux-lvm] Compile problem - Linux 2.6.1 + LVM2.2.00.08

Dale Gallagher foobar at mighty.co.za
Mon Jan 19 09:33:01 UTC 2004

> compile and install device mapper first

Tried that earlier and it failed too - after reading the
docs, wasn't certain if I had to do this, since 2.6.x has
device-mapper in the kernel....

Anyway, everything succeeded now - the problem was with my
kernel-headers.  I'd been a twit and symlinked
/usr/include/linux to
/usr/src/linux-2.6.1/usr/include/linux and found Linus'
post regarding this, before rectifying my mistake:


So I removed my symlink madness and re-installed the
original kernel-headers package as per my original post and
then successfully installed both device-mapper and LVM!


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