[linux-lvm] First try, first fail with LVM.

Roger Eriksson roger.eriksson at ddb.umu.se
Mon Jan 26 07:00:02 UTC 2004

Thank you for answereing.

It turned out to be a problem with the power supply as it couldn't output
enough power to run six farly new disks (3 IDE & 3 SCSI) . Eight old disk
worked just fine (3 + 5) though.

I managed to restore most of the data from the NTFS file systems so I
decided to reinstall the Linux server and run some tests with it and found
out about the power problem. Always troble with the same disk but when I
moved it to another computer and ran Maxtor's hard disk test program several
times and no problems. I will still be a bit suspicious about it though,
until it's proven itself..

Thanks again.

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