[linux-lvm] How To Question

duane no-name duanexbox at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 11:41:01 UTC 2004

Perhaps this is more obvious to others - but it is not
obvious to me after reading the howtos and docs.

The Docs - common tasks section has part of my
answers, but it lacks what I believe to be a commbined
two step example.

Right now, I have a single /var/foo implimented as an
LVM vol using reiserfs. It turns out - I allocated too
much space to it.

I now need a /var/bar.

I'd like to re-allocate or shrink /var/foo by say 20G,
and give it to /var/bar.

The "How To" do this two step process is not very
clear in the docs.

I'm quite able to shrink and expand /var/foo - at
will. My confusion is - now that I have shrunk it -
reallocate the space I just got back?

What am i not reading correctly?


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