[linux-lvm] RE:LVM Snapshots for remote archiving.

Chris Beck cbeck at gene.concordia.ca
Wed Jan 28 11:50:02 UTC 2004

Yah, that works, but I can't really archive the whole thing to tape on a 
regular basis - I've got scads of large image files and other sundries 
that will very quickly go above the capacity of convenient taping.

I guess I'm not being clear ... I don't want the snapshot volume, I want 
the set of writes that are stored somewhere while the snapshot is in 

It is whispered that C R Ritson was heard, on or about 1/28/2004 4:30 AM 
to say:

>>I want to use 24-hour snap shots as an archival tool.
>>I have 2 identical file servers, one primary and one as an off-site=20
>>mirror.  I'd like the primary system to generate a transaction 
>>log that=20
>>rolls over every 24-hours and gets transmitted to the remote site.
>I do something similar but with tapes, not a second server. Every
>evening, about 15 minutes before the backups, I delete an old snapshot
>and create a new one. As this snapshot is mounted and exported via NFS I
>have to undo this first (which has caused slight problems,
>occasionally). I then backup the newly created snapshot to tape using
>amanda. Using the snapshot ensures that amanda and dump (even though
>working at the block level) is guaranteed not to see a changing
>filesystem, and the snapshot remains available for most of the next 24
>hours for a user-initiated recovery of yesterday's version of a file.
>Any longer than that, and we have to go to the tapes, but amanda's
>indexing makes it quite easy to step back in time and see the filenames
>that were previously on disk (though not change dates). Such as it is, I
>can make the snapshot script available.
>Chris Ritson (Computing Officer)

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