[linux-lvm] combining two vg's into one

Chris Conn cmcgoat at swbell.net
Wed Jan 28 21:24:02 UTC 2004

I've got 2 vg's on two different partitions on
different disks, one is my root vg and the other
has /usr, /var and /tmp filesystems. I'd like to
keep them on separate disks but use the same vg
if I can, but I'm unsure how to combine them. Do 
I have to move the lv's on disk2 out of their vg
or can I just expand the vg on disk1 to include
them? The filesystems are all ReiserFS, system
is Slackware Linux 9.1.

Thanks for any advice,

Chris Conn   
cmcgoat at swbell.net   http://storm.cadcam.iupui.edu/~cmcgoat
Austin, TX

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