[linux-lvm] LVM integration problem

Mihai Tanasescu Mihai.Tanasescu at skyraven.pcnet.ro
Thu Jan 29 15:41:01 UTC 2004


I've recently installed a gentoo system...building from scratch with lvm 
support (as it comes with the gentoo live cd 2.4 kernel..so the lvm 
created is version 1.0).
But I've built my system with a 2.6 kernel and lvm2 in it....
After finishing the install I've rebooted the system only to see some 
error messages like no volume groups detected ...but 2 PV's detected or 
something like that..
As a consequence of this I can't access /usr  /var /tmp ..
I've tried first using the old lvm 1.0 user utils ..with no succes. 
...then removed them..compiled the lvm 2.0 user utils and I got the 
error described above upon booting the new system.

I've tried google but didn't have any luck..

Can anyone point me in the right direction to look ?

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