[linux-lvm] LVM2 and RAID 1 not working on Fedora Core 2

Rupert Hair rupert.hair at ntlworld.com
Thu Jul 22 14:22:01 UTC 2004

Quoting Zachary Hamm <zhamm at nc.rr.com>:

> Hello, I'm running Fedora Core 2 on a Dell Poweredge 1750 with three 36G
> SCSI drives setup with two volumes, /boot and /, setup with software RAID 1
> with online spare.  This was setup at install, which reported no errors.
> I've done a yum update as well.
I would recommend that you run LVM on top of the RAID.  I.E.  all of the disks
are setup for RAID (with partition type fd/"Linux raid auto") and then you make
the resultant /dev/md0 a physical volume in the LVM.  You can then create two
logical volumes for your boot and root partitions.

If the system is recently installed then a re-install is probably the quickest
way to go.

> The problem is that only one of the to volume groups is recognised and
> mirrored (/boot), as apparently vgscan does not like the the large drives
> (which aren't that large...).   Any help is appreciated.
I'm not sure what this could be but I don't think its due to the disks actually
being too big.

Hope this is of some help,


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