[linux-lvm] SAN Storage/mirror/lvm

Thomas Meller thomas.meller at gmx.net
Fri Jul 23 08:52:45 UTC 2004

Maybe everything is all right with what I am doing - maybe not.

I have heard roumors that my setup may cause troubles.
Does anybody know something about it?

I try to set up a cluster on a SAN with shared disks, mirrored over 2 storage controllers.

Using QLogic HBAs, I have set
to use the multipathing feature.

We have 2 separate fabrics to connect to the storage and 2 HBAs in each machine.

Disk layout:

A           B   (controllers)
sda        sdf
sdb        sdg
sdc mirror sdh -+
sdd mirror sdi  |
sde mirror sdj -+
                +-- volume group

Also, we do not have much write thruput to the disks.
I use reiserfs because I could resize it w/o remounting.

Austin Gonyou has written something about write cache mirroring - what is that?
I use LVM1

Am I in danger?



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