[linux-lvm] pvscan fails

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Wed Jul 28 14:37:12 UTC 2004

"Erik Ch. Ohrnberger" wrote:
> Frank,
>         Sounds like you and me are in similar situations.  I lost my
> partition tables on a reboot - no idea why, and I'd also like to recover my
> data (I've not written to the disks, other than to restore the partician
> tables).  Below is a summary of my experiences.  I ended up using a borrowed
> R-Studio and only recovered 38 GB of 170 GB or so.  I'd like to be able to
> recover more if possible.
>         Erik.

my problem seem to be some strange currupted LVM configuration on the
Partition table is OK, 
Most output of LVM tools seems OK


pvscan crashes
vgimport complains that all 3 PV's are in different VG's (PVdata shows
the same VG UUID and VG name)


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