[linux-lvm] ext3 on LVM2 on RAID 5

Rupert Hair rupert.hair at ntlworld.com
Fri Jul 30 14:44:33 UTC 2004

I have read various posts on this topic and none have been answered so I thought
I'd try again.

I have spent an afternoon with google trying to find any information on using
ext3 on a LVM2 LV on a RAID 5 PV.  I have found various reports of this working
OK but no recommendations for PE size for the LV, the 'chunk-size' on the RAID
and the mk2fs stride option.

If anyone uses this configuration I would greatly appreciate any input on what
values you used for the options above and any other good or bad experiences you
had with this setup.

Thanks in advance,


Ps. Details of the machine in question (in case they are relevant):
      9 x 250GB drives spread across various parallel and serial ATA
      Debian testing with kernel 2.6.6

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