[linux-lvm] software raid or lvm?

David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Mon Jun 7 18:45:24 UTC 2004

philip wrote:

> hello,
> Karen Shaeffer wrote:
>> You can find Sil311x support in the 2.6.6 kernel. I've run it with the
>> Sil3114 controller.
> so far i know (i didn't watch that for few last months) there is 
> driver for sil3112 in 2.6 kernel (sata_sil) but the raid driver didn't 
> work. also it didn't work well for everyone. so any good news?
> thank you
> philip

Jeff Garzik said on the 10th May in the linux-ide list:

Serial ATA (SATA) for Linux
status report
May 10, 2004

Silicon Image 3112/3114
Summary: No TCQ. Looks like a PATA controller, but with full SATA
control including hotplug and PM.

libata driver status: Beta.

drivers/ide driver status: Production, but see issue #4.

Issue #4: Need to have the most recent fixes posted to lkml, for stable
operation and full performance (where possible).



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