[linux-lvm] software raid or lvm?

Urs Thuermann urs at isnogud.escape.de
Thu Jun 10 05:19:48 UTC 2004

philip <mail at blocked.name> writes:

> so i've to use software raid and i didn't find the way how to put
> lvm on top of software raid. or how can i do it?

You can do software RAID on your drives, which gives you a device like
/dev/md0.  To put LVM on top of software RAID you create a phyiscal
volume in /dev/md0 (or several PVs in /dev/md<n>), create a volume
group from these PVs, etc.

> however, in suse admin guide is written about lvm: 'several hard disks
> can be used with improved performance in the raid0 (striping) mode.'
> any idea? can i use lvm as raid0?

You can do software RAID0 and LVM on top of it as described above.
However, LVM can also do striping over PVs of one VG, so for striping
you don't need software RAID, but can do LVM directly on your drives.


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