[linux-lvm] Multipath without round-robin?

Chris Croswhite csc at cadence.com
Thu Jun 10 21:34:28 UTC 2004

Decided mdadm would not do the job for you?

mdadm --create -f -lmp -n2 -x1 /dev/md0 /dev/<channela> /dev/<channelb>

This works in fail over mode by explicitly telling md to treat one as a

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 13:33, Jedi/Sector One wrote:
>   Hello.
>   I'm trying to get multipath working with LVM2 (2.6.7-rc2-udm2 kernel) with
> an LSI storage array.
>   The array has two FC controllers, HBAs are two identical Qlogic 2340.
>   On the array, "preferred" controllers are assigned to each LUN.
>   Unfortunately, it looks like dm-multipath always does round-robin load
> balancing.
>   The result is that the array fills up the (SANtricity) error log with
> messages like "LUN was accessed through the wrong controller".
>   Is there any way to keep failover abilities without load balancing?
>   Best regards,
>        -Frank.
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