[linux-lvm] 2.6.7 and snapshots

Donald Thompson dlt at lunanet.biz
Tue Jun 22 18:28:39 UTC 2004

Sorry I'm getting desperate...

Whats the status on dm patches for 2.6.7? The patches available for
2.6.7-rc3 (the latest I've been able to obtain) don't insert cleanly into
a vanilla 2.6.7 and its looking like it might be very difficult to hand
patch the rejects. Due to security issues with 2.6.6, I'm very eager to
get the 2.6.7 kernel installed, but I'm held back due to a snapshot
requirement. I'm happy to test 'untested' patches if need be. If its a
matter of man hours to port the patches to 2.6.7, I can help with that as
well, but being lazy I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if something is
already available or going to be soon.


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