[linux-lvm] infinite loop in /dev/discs

Gabriel de Perthuis Gabriel.de-Perthuis at laPoste.net
Thu May 6 12:27:26 UTC 2004

I am encountering problems with lvm and devfs. lvm version says:
   LVM version:     2.00.08 (2003-11-14)
   Library version: 1.00.07-ioctl (2003-11-21)
   Driver version:  4.1.0
When running any lvm command (even version), lvm runs into an infinite
loop, looking for devices like /dev/discs/disc2/discs/disc2..., disc2
being a symlink to its parent. Many more symlinks appear named
/dev/discs[2-9]* and /dev/disc1[0-9]*, instead of only disc0 and disc1.
A strace gives me lots of stat64. A temporary solution is to rm the
/etc/lvm/.cache, rm all strange devices in /dev/discs, and launch lvm
anew. I think LVM should prevent these infinite loops from occurring,
since this prevented my computer from booting; even though this could be
a problem with devfs.
It seems the download page has moved to redhat's site, with slightly
newer versions I have not yet tested.
     Thank you

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