[linux-lvm] Ext3, 2.4.26 and lvm snapshot

Wolfgang Weisselberg uzx87lvfmukwc001 at sneakemail.com
Thu May 20 17:39:16 UTC 2004

COMBES Julien wrote 29 lines:

[mounting ext3 snapshots fails, ext2 works]

> I searched on internet and I found some information but it let me
> confused. I found many informations about a VFS-patch which seems to be
> necessary, but I don't found this patch for a linux kernel 2.4.26 (I only
> found it for version up to 2.4.22).

Apply the 2.4.22 patch to the 2.4.26 tree, it works.

You may get warnings about the line numbers being a bit off or
even about 'fuzzy' matches, but the 'patch' program is clever
enough to do the right thing.

> So I wonder if this patch is always necessary ?

If you want to mount ext3 snapshots, yes, it is.


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