[linux-lvm] LVM2 + pvmove + no warning

Michel Wilson michel at crondor.net
Mon May 31 22:33:09 UTC 2004


I just tried to move some volume group of mine from one harddisk to
another, using pvmove, just like I did before when using LVM1, only to
discover that pvmove is actually not supported.
The very big problem I have with this is that pvmove did not tell me
*ANYTHING* at all about it not being supported. It happily started
creating a snapshot on the first lv in the vg (being my /home partition
of all things), spewed a boatload of errors about ioctl cmd 9 not being
supported and b0rked out leaving the complete volume group inaccessible.
After a hard reset the volume group did not even mount, and the vg
appeared to be somewhat borked as well. Luckily, I was able to recover
all the data on the volume group.
But, what bugs me very much after this episode: I discovered posts on a
mailing list dated as far back as 11/02 stating that pvmove was 'not yet
implemented' in LVM2. But, why is there not a *SINGLE* warning included
in the pvmove tool about this?? Especially as I do not seem to be the
first one who got caught with this! It seems to me that, at the very
least, a warning should be included. An even better solution would be to
just not enable and/or install pvmove by default, because it isn't even

Kind regards,

Michel Wilson.

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