[linux-lvm] Possible version problem

ewf erich at dakotacom.net
Sun Nov 7 05:03:24 UTC 2004

      I have a 2.2.20 kernel, (Debian stable), and I have a Debian 
package for lvm10 and lvm-common:

            lvm10,  install version, 1.0.4-4

            lvm-common, install version, 1.5.5

     I read that, for this early a version, a kernel module must be 
installed. However, I see no evidence that
one has been installed. I suspect that the new, (lvm), package may not 
contain  the kernel module
necessary to run with the old kernel version. Please confirm.

     I assume that the process of installing a package under Debian 
automatically installs a kernel
module if a given package requires it and contains it.

     I am setting up a MythTV system for home usage, and would like to 
gain the benefits of LVM.


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