[linux-lvm] recover lost VG (VG data differs between PVs)

Jelle Herold wires at defekt.nl
Sun Nov 14 22:58:53 UTC 2004

Help! :)

I think I messed up my VG trying to recover it... :( this is what I did.

First, I believe grub erased the first sector of a whole-disk PV
(/dev/hde). luckily I had a lvm1 backup in /etc/lvmconf. Using (lvm1's)
pvcreate and vgcfgrestore I managed to get my VG back online. Good.

Then I wanted to move the data from the PV on /dev/hde to a new PV, so I
created a new PV (/dev/hdf3) and used vgextend to extend the VG. Without
thinking I rebooted the computer and worse: I managed to overwrite that
first sectore of /dev/hde again! This time I don't have any backups of
the new configuration (still have the old ones), but I didn't move the
PV or resized the fs on the vg.

I removed the newly added VG and using vgcfgrestore to recover the
metadata on /dev/hde. but now vgdisplay tells me

 VG data differs between PVs /dev/hde and /dev/hdf3
 Volume group "datavg" doesn't exist

Any ideas on how to proceed next are highly appreciated...


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