[linux-lvm] LVM Config Files

Krzysztof kris at grabki.3c.pl
Wed Nov 17 21:54:26 UTC 2004


One small question. I have googled, but don't find any news about configs in
I understand that they are locate in /etc/lvm*, but is there any options in
lvm to specify another
location of configs like /home/jail/etc/lvm* ? for example. Or i just need
recompile lvm1 from 
source and play with location of configs files ? (i don't want do this). :\

I have lvm1 on my debian ;)
- (lvm-common v1.5.5)
- (lvm10 v1.0.4-5woody1)

Another question is about disk in lvm.

# pvscan
pvscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
pvscan -- ACTIVE   PV "/dev/hdg1"  of VG "lvm" [20.22 GB / 0 free]
pvscan -- ACTIVE   PV "/dev/hde1"  of VG "lvm" [60.77 GB / 0 free]
pvscan -- ACTIVE   PV "/dev/hdb1" of VG "lvm" [82.73 GB / 0 free]

I created one big ;) volumegroup and then i create another one big logical
volume. Now i have problem.
One of disk (hdb1) is showing errors, and smart show me that it will die. Is
there any chance to free _exacly_ all pe from hdb1, and only from this disk
.it seems that lvm free pv from volume in strage order. Can i tell lvm that
i want free only this disk ?


Ps. I know. My english isn't perfect. Sorry for that.

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