[linux-lvm] HA Fileserver configuration recommendation sought.

David S. dgs at gs.washington.edu
Fri Nov 19 19:45:58 UTC 2004

> I use the ATABoy 2x (dual active/active FC) with great success.  I use
> md to create a failover path (see mdadm) on newer kernels (2.6.9) and I
> have multiple 3.2T LUNS (multiple ataboys).  I use LVM2 to partition
> some of the LUNs with great success.

I tried using LVM2 on a 2.6.9 kernel to stripe together four 1T LUNs
from two 3 Ware 9000 SATA raid controllers to make ~4T file system,
but experienced file corruption under heavy I/O loads.  In copying 
large directories into the file system (via tar+rsh/ssh or rsync+rsh/ssh),
I'd get files that seemed to have blocks exchanged with a different file.
I saw this using XFS, Reiserfs, and EXT3 as the file system in the LVM2
stripe.  Some tests I made of a similar configuration using 'md' instead
of LVM2 were more successful, but I didn't put quite the I/O load on
that configuration.

David S.


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