[linux-lvm] pvcreate is successful but can't vgcreate

Daniel . constantine at soon.com
Thu Oct 14 03:42:28 UTC 2004

Just a guess, if /dev/sda is a symlink have you tried passing the full device name to vgcreate? 
I.E. vgcreate group1 /dev/scsi/host1... 
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Subject: [linux-lvm] pvcreate is successful but can't vgcreate 
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 11:10:19 +0800 
> i want to use LVM to manage my SATA disks attached on arm system and: 
> pvcreate /dev/sda 
> Physical volume "/dev/sda" successfully created 
> vgcreate group1 /dev/sda 
> No physical volume label read from /dev/sda 
> /dev/sda not identified as an existing physical volume 
> Unable to add physical volume '/dev/sda' to volume group 'group1'. 
> what's wrong and why? 
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