[linux-lvm] How can I restripe LVs on addition of extra PVs?

Daniel . constantine at soon.com
Thu Oct 14 22:58:07 UTC 2004

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Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] How can I restripe LVs on addition of extra PVs? 
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 23:27:07 +0200 
> Daniel . wrote: 
> >Hi,  
> >  
> >[I'm only familiar with LVM1, so that's what I'm referring to in the rest of the mail.  I probably could move to LVM2 if it solves my problems.] 
> > 
> Why do you want to stripe ? 
> If it is for performance you'll have to pay the price in form of inflexibility. If it is for other reasons, do you have to stripe ? 
Yep, performance.  It's for a database machine. 
Adding disks will be a very rare occurrence, resizing LVs an uncommon occurrence.  So having LVM just do the sizing of LVs on the striped mirrors is a managment 
It doesn't really sound like LVM is the right tool for doing the striping itself though. 
md can do the striping but apparently it's advised to take everything offline first if the striping is part of a stack of storage systems.  That is a bit inflexible but better than 
what LVM can give me and, like I said, adding disks will be rare. 
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