[linux-lvm] Re: [OxLUG] LVM2 problems

Kai Leibrandt k_leibrandt at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 15 22:57:22 UTC 2004

> > > Our primary problem is that creating snapshots occassionally hangs the
> > > machine.
> >
> > Known issue now - unfortunately the fix involves a lot of coding and
> > other things have a higher priority at the moment.
>OK - I saw a previous post about this, but from that I wasn't sure that
>it (a) killed the machine and (b) affected ext3 partitions.

It _is_ a problem with LVM2, and for me it's totally reproducible - with 
ext3, ext2 and xfs, but only on / LV's. I am slightly saddened by the fact 
that this has low pri at the moment though :-(
I am more than willing to shoot my testbed down a few times for anyone who's 
willing to help.


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