[linux-lvm] How to restore PV header ?

sergey at 17234.copi.ru sergey at 17234.copi.ru
Mon Oct 25 16:36:38 UTC 2004

Hello, Everybody !

I've deleted header of PV by mistake...
/dev/sda3 - is partition for PV and I've executed "disk /dev/sda3", created partitions and written it back. I know, I'm stupid.
I've made a mistake and instead 3-rd physical HDD that I was need to partitioning I've created partition on the first HDD in 3-rd
pvdispaly no tells "no PV" about /dev/sda3

Currently server is working and I think it will be work until reboot. I have correct structures under "/proc/lvm"

Could somebody tell me, is there some way to restore PV header before reboot ? System is RHEL 3.

Thanks a lot to everybody in advance !


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