[linux-lvm] Large Partition Problems.

Judd Tracy jtracy at ist.ucf.edu
Tue Oct 26 15:23:05 UTC 2004

I have a system with a 3ware 9000-12 card with 12 250GB harddrives 
running fedora core2.  I am wanting to use this setup with lvm2 but am 
having some problems with it.  When I use the entire device /dev/sdb I 
can setup up the entire array ~2.3TB but when I try to partition the 
array ( I really need to) I can only get a maximum of ~230GB partition 
and the rest of the space is unusable.  Is there anyone out there that 
has seen this problem or know how to fix it.  Thanks

Judd Tracy
jtracy at ist.ucf.edu

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