[linux-lvm] snapshot on 6.8.5/FC development

Thomas Klaube t.klaube at efm.de
Thu Sep 16 07:23:17 UTC 2004

On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 02:56:27AM +0200, Gunnar Hilling wrote:
> Hello,


> I just tried the lvm2/dm-snapshot feature and failed miserably...
> After reading some older postings in this and the dm-devel mailing lists
> I'm not sure what to do:


> lvcreate --snapshot --size 100m --name snap /dev/TestMirrorGroup/OnlineVol
> will block forever. I have to reboot the computer. After
> that /dev/TestMirrorGroup/snap is there...

/dev/TestMirrorGroup/OnlineVol is your root filesystem? I have the same
problem. Snapshots on other (non root fs) work for me. 

AFAIK snapshots and pvmove do not work on the filesystem where the lvm-tools
reside. I hope this will change in the (not so distant) future as I 
need snapshots on root-fs. 


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