[linux-lvm] Replacing dead pv with slightly smaller disk

Janis Vinnsberg lpc at unsocial.com
Mon Sep 27 16:46:42 UTC 2004

I have a large VG with one giant LV on, a week or two ago one PV died a horrible and hopefully painful death.
I've managed to find a replacement disk for it, the problem is that today I realised it is a measly 21MB smaller than the original disk.
Is there any way I can use thisk disk, or do I have to go hunting for a larger one?

Are there any other options (no I cannot do the loop-trick to access the data, I dont have 500GB of disks to rescue the data to). Is there
someway I can remove the dead PV from the LV. I've been digging through the archives but haven't found any help there.

I'm using debian stable with:
Logical Volume Manager 1.0.4

Regards Janis

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