[linux-lvm] Extending a stripped Logical Volume

Olmo González Alcojor olmo at olmo.org
Fri Jan 7 23:43:39 UTC 2005


Thanks for your reply. 

95388 PE of 4mb each is ~370 Gbyte, right? I may be missing something... I've tried to lvextend and get the same error, even when trying to extend just 1Gbyte.

Thanks for your help,

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Olmo González <olmo at olmo.org> writes:

> I am new to this list, seeking for some help.
>  I have setup LVM2 under debian sarge (2.6.8-k7 kernel).
> I originally created a volumen group (nasvg) on 4 x ST3200822A ATA
> DISK drives. I created a stripped logical volume spanning these 4
> disks and using up al PE's available. I then attached two aditional
> ST3200822A ATA DISK drives and I would now want to resive my logical
> volumen to use al the PE's provided by the two new disks. The problem
> is I can't extend the logical volume, getting the following error:
> gollum:~# lvextend -L+1G /dev/nasvg/naslv
>   Using stripesize of last segment 64KB
>   Extending logical volume naslv to 746.23 GB
>   Insufficient allocatable extents suitable for parallel use for
> logical volume naslv: 191036 required
> I have been googl'ing and it seems that this has to do with
> restrictions on resizing sttriped LV's. However, the information I
> have found says the restrictions no longer apply to LVM2.

You should be able to 'lvextend -L+1G /dev/nasvg/naslv -i1' if you
have and additional 1G of free space in the VG.  However, based on the
vgdisplay output below, it looks like you only have 3.72G free (or
95388 extents), so you'd want do do: 'lvextend -l+95388
/dev/nasvg/naslv -i2' if you want to stripe it across the 2 new disks,
or 'lvextend -l+95388 /dev/nasvg/naslv -i1' if you want it to be a
linear segment.

> gollum:~# vgdisplay
>   --- Volume group ---
>   VG Name               nasvg
>   System ID
>   Format                lvm2
>   Metadata Areas        6
>   Metadata Sequence No  25
>   VG Access             read/write
>   VG Status             resizable
>   MAX LV                0
>   Cur LV                1
>   Open LV               1
>   Max PV                0
>   Cur PV                6
>   Act PV                6
>   VG Size               1.09 TB
>   PE Size               4.00 MB
>   Total PE              286168
>   Alloc PE / Size       190780 / 745.23 GB
>   Free  PE / Size       95388 / 372.61 GB
>   VG UUID               LWqtTF-F8vA-yjXt-AYwK-yFQr-skDa-s9UVRC
>   --- Logical volume ---
>   LV Name                /dev/nasvg/naslv
>   VG Name                nasvg
>   LV UUID                GMm5PD-6Rdk-h8lG-35Fw-rZp3-L42s-N6k9QC
>   LV Write Access        read/write
>   LV Status              available
>   # open                 1
>   LV Size                745.23 GB
>   Current LE             190780
>   Segments               1
>   Allocation             inherit
>   Read ahead sectors     0
>   Block device           254:0

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