[linux-lvm] Problem Upgrading from LVM1 to LVM2

Alasdair G Kergon agk at redhat.com
Mon Jan 10 14:04:52 UTC 2005

On Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 08:43:24AM -0500, Mark T. Valites wrote:
>   logical extent (56202) already mapped.
>   Couldn't fill logical volume maps.

Metadata corruption: eg 2 LV sharing a PE.
If you forcibly ran LVM1 and LVM2 on the same VG at the same time 
that could lead to this.

Make sure you're using a recent version of LVM2.

You'll need to restore your metadata from a backup
using vgcfgrestore - but first you need to work out which
is the correct backup to restore from, then use either lvm1
or lvm2 vgcfgrestore depending which format that
backup is in.

agk at redhat.com

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