[linux-lvm] understanding large LVM volumes

Stephane Dupuis hoper at free.fr
Sat Jan 15 15:05:22 UTC 2005

Hi again,

> Unfortunatly man pages R not 100% compilant with latest of LVM.
> Buy hey, they are not right about limits, so we should be happy ;]

So, you were saying that there is really no limit with lvm2 ??!
I'm really impress because lot's of non free operating systems still
have lot's of limitations ! (just look at AIX..)

So can you confirm this :

* No limit for the number of PE in a LV (You already said yes)
* No limit for the number of PV in a VG ?
* No limit for the number of LV in ONE VG ?
* No limit for the number of LV (all VG included) ? (256 before ?)

Thanks a lot.

BTW, I also think that theses informations are quite important,
I guess that a chart with all limits and differences between LVM1
and LVM2 can help lot's of people...
I would be glad to make theses documents but I don't have the
knowledge :(

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