[linux-lvm] Re: Kernel bug with snapshots

Bruno Bonfils bonfils at fimasys.fr
Sun Jan 16 10:30:29 UTC 2005

Stephan Austermühle <au at hcsd.de> writes:

> Hi,
> in the last days I played around with Kernel 2.6.9, LVM2, and multiple
> snapshots of the Logical Volume leading to some system freezes. The
> Volume Group is setup on top of a mirrored device (md). I decided to
> switch to kernel 2.6.11-rc1 with Device Mapper patches 2.6.10-udm1
> (without patch 29) and test again.

I had exactly the same bug with 2.6.10 + dm patch (without the first
ones and the 29th)

Create a 50G volume, a first 10G snapshot, a second one few hours
after. When i tried to lvremove the first snapshot, my kernel crash.

> The lvremove instruction terminated with
> 	Segmentation fault

Bruno Bonfils

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