[linux-lvm] couldn't find device with uuid ...

Sam Vilain sam at vilain.net
Tue Jan 18 04:58:39 UTC 2005

george at cs.umd.edu wrote:
> I removed the physical volume that i last added, but i still get:
> For example:
> Couldn't find device with uuid '.....'
> I might have modified/removed a partition that was part of VolGroup00, but
> I am sure it didn't have any data on it. /dev/hda4 was holding all my
> data. Is there any chance that I can get VolGroup00 to work again?


   vgreduce --removemissing /dev/VolGroup00

You can also get a long way using the --partial (-P) flag to many of the


   vgscan -P
   vgchange -P -ay
   vgdisplay -v -P /dev/VolGroup00

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