[linux-lvm] Reducing/Resizing LVM where "/" filesystem is included in the LVM

Sam Vilain sam at vilain.net
Tue Jan 25 20:08:09 UTC 2005

fromkth+lvm at fastmail.fm wrote:
> I ran Knoppix Live CD 3.7 which has qtparted 0.4.4 and it does not
> recognizes the linux lvm partition and shows it as unknown
> so the question remains how to do it.

The knoppix CD also has the commandline lvm utilities and ext2resize
binaries.  Have fun reading the manpages for vgscan, vgchange,
ext2resize, lvreduce, pvmove, vgreduce, pvremove, fdisk, pvcreate,
vgextend, and pvmove.  Not necessarily in that order.

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