[linux-lvm] converting ext3 / to LVM

Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) jean-luc.coulon at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 30 09:25:43 UTC 2005

Le 30.01.2005 08:10:52, matthew zeier a écrit :
> Are there any tips on converting an existing ext3 / to LVM?  I found  
> something that talks about ext2 using LVM1 but I'm not sure if that  
> applies to my system (RHEL ES v3).

LVM is not a filestem and is not aware of the filesystem you will  
install on it.

I've installed xfs filesystem over lvm with the same instructions as  
for ext2.

Only the tolls to resize the ilesystem are different.
Some filesystems needs to be mounted, other to be unmounted.
i.e: you can reeeeize an xfs only if t is mounted and you cannot  
schrink it, only growing is avalable.

> --
> matthew zeier

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