[linux-lvm] hardware raid5 and lvm "recipe"

Amir Mistric amistric at nemours.org
Fri Mar 4 13:56:45 UTC 2005



We are contemplating to start using RHEL v4 in our enterprise.

Most of our servers have a hardware RAID.


The server we are using for a RHEL 4 trial install has 4x36GB SCSI drives
configured using RAID 5.

Of course, we also want to use LVM.



Can someone please suggest what would be the best "layout"/"recipe"
considering the configuration I described?

Using "automatically" partitioning during install RHEL suggests: 

/boot and swap outside LVM and the rest of space in LVM mounted under / file


Is this sufficient layout for maximum flexibility? Should I create other
logical volumes and file systems?



Any tips are appreciated




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